Club Only | YWDP #102 | 和世界断连三天,我在泰北山区的冥想中心参透人生 (上)


Club Only | YWDP #102 | 和世界断连三天,我在泰北山区的冥想中心参透人生 (上)

Fellow Travelers,欢迎超有眼光的你们!

我回到现实世界啦! 这封Newsletter发送自遍地都是好喝便宜又精美的咖啡馆的清迈。


这周就来分享一下这三天的经历。但是!因为要写三天的meditation retreat内容真的好长,我最近有点太忙了,决定用语音输入的方式。

Step 1: 用了一个App MurmurType,先一段一段说,把所有内容都transcribe出来。

可能因为meditation retreat是全英文的,我脑子里也觉得英文更顺畅一些。这一步我就得到了一大坨英文的很口语化的text。

Step 2: 放到chatgpt里,帮我润色成比较书面的英语。(这一步发现写得还不错,有一种以前写新闻稿的时候被我的编辑改得面目全非但是表达了我想要表达的意思)

Step 3: 最后再chatgpt一下帮我翻译成中文。(ChatGPT翻译中文的能力真的不咋地,翻译出来还是很书面有点拗口。但是我真的没有时间和精力再自己翻一遍了。所以不介意的话,你可以读英文版本的,或者忍受一下这个中文。含义都到了!)


欢迎大家在2月1日前付费订阅The Pod Luck Club,就可以永久锁定当前的价格。只有付费用户才会在邮箱收到每个工作日的播客推荐和周末的长文推送哦!


话不多说,下面是我的感想。文末有一些tips, 以及如何注册,如何到达等等比较信息。


Overall, I highly recommend this retreat experience, especially if you can spare three days in the beautiful setting of Chiang Mai.

Conclusion number 1: I didn't miraculously gain profound wisdom overnight.

Conclusion number 2: The experience was somewhat unconventional, which I'll delve into shortly.

Conclusion number 3: It offers an incredibly serene atmosphere, making it an ideal destination to unwind and savor the breathtaking scenery.

Day Zero - Arrival

I had booked this retreat a week prior, but regrettably, I hadn't thoroughly read the website until the day of our intended arrival. It suddenly dawned on me that I was expected to be there the day before but not on the day. Around noon on the 16th, I found myself in a frantic rush to get ready. After hastily packing my belongings, I embarked on the journey.

Had I made my reservation earlier, I could have taken a more economical bus ride. However, my lack of foresight led me to opt for a costly taxi instead, a valuable lesson in the importance of reading the website thoroughly and ensuring an early arrival.

Exploration and Serenity

Upon reaching the retreat location, the check-in process was straightforward, designed to facilitate a smooth experience for all participants. We began by scanning a QR code and completing a form. Subsequently, we were provided with white clothing to wear, a uniformity that struck me as intriguing initially but later began to feel somewhat eerie, as I will elaborate on shortly.

Following the check-in process, it was time for the guided tour. I found this tour immensely valuable since the retreat sprawled across vast mountainous terrain and lush forests. The organizers had set up several meditation halls, and there were numerous hidden nooks where one could sit in solitude and engage in meditation.

The View! 

The retreat offered numerous paths for exploration, both in the serene forests and along paved and unpaved trails. Over the next few days, I spent a significant amount of time meandering through this tranquil landscape. These leisurely walks through nature were profoundly calming for the mind.

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