Club Only | YWDP #103 | 三天的禅修,需要一生去怀念(并没有 :D)

Meditation Rereat下篇。三天的禅修真的能改变一个人吗?一周之后的反馈和盘托出。以及作为惟二的亚裔之一在泰北满是白人的禅修营里的违和感。文末还有很重要的tips,如果你也想要参与这个禅修营的话,不要错过。

Club Only | YWDP #103 | 三天的禅修,需要一生去怀念(并没有 :D)

Fellow Travelers,欢迎超有眼光的你们!


这篇是Meditation Retreat的下篇。包括:

  1. Meditation Retreat第二和第三天发生的故事。第二天是我最喜欢的一天,也是让我觉得有些奇怪的一天,特别是作为仅有几个非白人存在在这个(白)人山(白)人海的地方的体验。
  2. 一些让我觉得人生更自由的内容分享
  3. 我真的很喜欢 保持沉默 这一点,简直高敏感I人的天堂!
  4. 跟着和尚去化缘
  5. 一周之后的更新,如果你有好奇我的咖啡因戒断和冥想都是否有继续,就请读到最后吧!
  6. 最后一个很实用的建议






Day 2 - My Favorite Day

The second full day of the retreat, January 18th, held a special place in my heart because I found all the activities quite enjoyable.

The day's activities began with the morning session at the fireplace surrounded by mountains and stars. It involved walking meditation, a practice I particularly appreciated. It allowed me to focus solely on each step, grounding my thoughts instead of letting them scatter aimlessly. We then transitioned to seated meditation before having our breakfast.

In the morning, we had the privilege of listening to a monk named Carl, hailing from Australia. He shared his journey towards becoming a monk, which I found pretty interesting.

Carl before his sharing

However, there's an aspect of my experience I've withheld thus far, something I hesitate to express without sounding potentially offensive. So, I'll proceed with caution.

White People Mountain, White People Sea

From the moment I arrived at the retreat, it struck me that this was predominantly a place inhabited by white people. In a group of over 40 people, there were only four of us who were not white: one Malaysian, one Brazilian, and a girl from Venezuela, though her racial background could be considered white. Even the monks overseeing the retreat were white; the first day's tour introduced us to monks from Poland, France, and the Australian monk, Carl. The whole setting felt somewhat surreal, especially with everyone donning the same white attire.

During Carl's talk about his journey, I couldn't help but notice that his narrative seemed to cater predominantly to Western audiences. He repeatedly emphasized that his experiences were not typical in Western ideology or culture. This observation led me to conclude that the program primarily targeted the Western world, or more specifically, white participants.

It's worth noting that during his presentation, Carl highlighted that he had "it all" before embracing the monastic life. Though he’s Australian, he even used the term “American dream” with the air quotation during his talk. He elaborated on how he achieved success in his life with money, a beautiful girlfriend, and a cherished car. He didn't own a house because he didn't believe in it, but he underscored numerous times that he was not a failure in his prior life. Although I struggled to grasp the significance of this emphasis, it was certainly intriguing to hear.

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